السلام عليكم

Suffering from stress, sadness, identity, depression, addiction, faith or confusion?

Welcome to our free online counselling service. We are here to help you to tackle those trying tests that life produces. We are trained in a number of counselling methods. As such, we will not judge anyone as to whether they are a good or bad Muslim, we are only here to help you. This service is anonymous and administered by trained Muslim males. We do not need to know your real name, email or identity.

Using the form below, please think of a user-name (4 – 10 characters in length) and then make up a user number (4 figure number). We will then set up a private page (using your user number) for you to text chat.

For example: User name: Abuoxide
User number: 2345

Please return to this page to check if your page has been set up. This may take one hour or one day to set-up. Once you see your user number below, click on it to take you to your private page where you should then submit your user-name for the password to start the chat.

None of your comments will be publically displayed.