Taraweeh 2017: Questionnaire results

During 2017 Ramadhaan, Injamatt commissioned a questionnaire to assess the feelings of those praying Tarawih. Here are the conclusions:

Masjids which people were most displeased with due to the overly fast speed of recitation were: Masjids: Umar, Madani School, Dawatul Haq, Muadh ibn Jabal, Baitul Mukarram, Knighton, Abu Hurairah, Ansaar.

Best Masjids to pray due to the calm recital were: Khaleel, Taqwa, Taybah.

22% of those who responded, thought their regular Masjid was too fast.
8% thought their regular Masjid prayed too slow.

According to Shariah rulings, it is permissible to recite Quran in Salaah very fast. It is also quite normal for a believer to feel displeased when the Qiraat is read fast, this is part of Emaan. It seems that most of the community of Leicester prefer speed due to practicality especially when the nights are so short during summer.
It is a failing that not enough mosques pray at a relaxed pace, which has created a situation that many people do not have a choice where to pray.
Ulema have pointed out that it is important to pray 20 Rakaah everyday in Ramadhaan but it is not necessary to read/ listen to the whole Qur’an in Salaatul Tarawih. For example, the Eshaa Salaah can be performed followed by the Sunnah. A Qari could then recite part of the days Qur’an while everyone sits and listens. The rest can then be recited in Salaah. This way, the whole Qur’an can be recited/ listened to at an enjoyable slow speed throughout the month while still reading 20 short (slow) Rakaah every day.

Some comments from the public:
 Bukhari need people with a voice.
 Jame Masjid; Shaykh Faheem use to pray like the Imaams of the Haramain which helped a lot with concentration but they don’t do that anymore, it was good.
 Masha Allah TabarakAllah Masjid Salahuddin was an amazing experience.
 Baitul Mukaram is one one the worst in discipline in term of straightening the row, leaving gaps in between two people and leaving shoes on the floor though there are spaces on the racks. I think one day I will write to the council to assess all the Massajids in Leicester regarding health and safety issue mainly with people leaving shoes on the floor.
 Masjid Khaleel had brilliant Taraweeh this year, they recited the entire Quran in the Riwayah of Ibn Zakwan. All 3 Imams were amazing especially Qari Zaid Tarapuri.
Listen to Masjid Khaleel Taraweeh 2017:
They have uploaded all the Taraweeh recitations on https://www.spreaker.com/user/9844974

17% of respondents complained of feeling tired when praying.
This tiredness may be because of sins during the day, Jinn or Black magic.
How can you tell if its Jinn?
If sleepiness disappears after the Salaah is over then this is not normal as sleepiness does not ‘love Salaah’. Many elderly pray Taraweeh without any problem so if you find it tiring, then something is wrong. If sleepiness comes during other religious situations such as Islamic talks or Zikr throughout the year then it is very likely that you have a Jinn or black magic.
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