Feeling sleepy?

Inshallah, help is at hand, I used to have the same problem. During Salaatul Jumu’ah, Bayaans and Salaatul Taraweeh, I would feel so tired that sometimes I would actually fall asleep mid prayer. I would instantly wake up as my legs buckled allowing my body to collapse towards the floor. Once, while in Sujood (prostration) I remember waking up to find that everyone else had completed the prayer. I would go to Islamic talks feeling moderately tired after a long day at work and ‘knock-out’ throughout most of the Bayaan. It didn’t seem to happen to anyone else.
I never really understood why I fell asleep or felt so tired when I was already getting enough sleep. How come old men and young children could pray 20 Rakaats with apparent ease while I felt exhausted every day? My mind and body where not functioning properly it seemed but I didn’t question it too much.
I now realise that to fall asleep while sitting, surrounded by noise is not normally possible. I was young, strong, fit and healthy. I only ever felt tired during Islamic activities. Something was wrong, very wrong but again, I didn’t think too much about it.
This state of affairs continued for over 15 years and I just accepted the fact that Deen was difficult and Dunya easy. One day a friend of mine visited Leicester and introduced me to a Raaqi (a person who helps people with Jinn and black magic). Since then I realised that all these problems were due to evil effects from the unseen world.

I was diagnosed with 3 counts of black magic along with about 4 Jinn. In fact every member of my household was affected. After treatment my inappropriate sleepiness disappeared along with many other problems.
If you do have problems of tiredness (or other strange problems) and it is due to Jinn and black magic then there are simple ways to find out:

  • When feeling strange, recite Ayatul Kursi and the Quls audibly and then blow (with slight wetness) 3 times onto the skin of your chest and in your hands. Rub your hands over your body. These verses will burn any Jinn and relieve you of their effects on your mind and body. If you don’t notice a difference then repeat the procedure again and again. If you tiredness is reduced, it means that you have a Jinn on you (which will come back) and probably Sihr (black magic) as well.
  • Recite the Quls and Ayatul Kursi onto some water (tap water will do but Zam Zam will be even better) and spray yourself with it or rub the water over your body when you feel strangely negative, such as sleepy or angry or emotional etc. Do this regularly and if this provides some relief then you have a Jinn problem.
  • Do not wear a Taweez which does not have 100% Arabic from Quran or Hadith. Any other words will most probably be the name of a Shaytaan. According to the Sunnah, a correct Taweez is permissible but the Sahabah only ever used them on children who couldn’t recite Quran themselves. Even a correct Taweez for adults is not very effective, as adults are not encouraged to be lazy.
  • Be punctual with reciting the Quls after each Salaah as well as counting your daily Zikr (Masnoon or according to a Shaykh’s prescription). This should be performed daily by every Muslim anyway and will have good long term effects against Jinn and Black-magic.
  • If whatever you drink or eat has Surah Iklass or Ayatul Kursi recited over it, it will cause a lot of problems to any Jinn.
  • Ayatul Kursi and Surah Iklass are very powerful against Jinn although they will most likely return after a short while once the effect has worn off. Anyone with black magic will have one or more Jinn on them as well. For black magic, a Raaqi will need to be employed, (the author is not a Raaqi).
  • Mostly go against your Nufs because Shayateen and black magic use our Nafs as a fuel and Allah SWT hates Nufs.
  • Perform a 20 minute Hijamah (one cup will do) anywhere on the victim’s body while reciting the Quls, Surah Fatihah and Ayatul Kursi etc. Make sure the Qur’an is continuous and if more than one person recites, even better. They don’t have to recite together. The victim may feel drowsy or even fall asleep but this is normal if they have Jinn. It is not necessary to pay someone to do your Hijamah. Cupping kits can be purchased for £15 and be used again and again on family members and you don’t need to study to do basic Hijamah.
  • It is safer if family members do the Ruqyah (Qur’an recital). Non family members will most likely suffer from revenge attacks from the harmed Shayateen.

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Written by Injamatt staff.