Radio Seerah: Volunteers needed

We are launching our permanent RADIO SEERAH very soon on air (AM Band) and now there’s an opportunity to be a part of it.
Radio Seerah is looking for volunteers; both males and females to manage the day to day running of the station.

Tasks include:
Scheduling shows
Overseeing training of presenters
Maintenance of Facebook, Twitter and later YouTube feeds
Maintenance of website content
Promotion of station
Liaison with other community groups for radio shows
Sourcing filler content such as nasheeds, jingles, readings, etc
Checking OFCOM compliance against OFCOM rules

No prior experience is needed and training can be provided. Please attach your CV to your Email when you apply.

  1. The key requirement is a “can do attitude”, basic computer and internet knowledge and ability to work with a variety of different people.
    For anyone interested please feel free to get into contact via Email: or you can also get into contact with the following people via text:
    Mowlana A.Rahim Diwan Lajpuri on 07886467833
    Brother Yaqub Bhana-
    +44 7715 494226
    Muhammad Dagol
    07563 721874