Mercy Labs

Many people suffer from feeling tired when they should be alert, such as in Salaah (prayer). When they look around them, they see people much older than them as well as young children who seem to have no problem. At Mercy Labs we have been working on providing a solution for this ailment as well as many other related problems such as the inability to sleep, excessive tiredness, concentration, snoring, anxiety, depression, nightmares, wet dreams, sleep walking, bed-wetting, sleeping during driving, sleep during talks etc.

Mercy Labs have formulated a perfume roll-on oil made from a blend of natural oils, which should vastly improve many problematic mood or mental functioning which in turn may improve your day-to-day living. This product has been tried and tested with impressive results.

The oil needs to be applied to the chest. You can use it throughout the day but it is important to apply this oil up and down the chest and stomach before going to bed/ sleep.

For just £5 you can collect a bottle today (Leicester) or alternatively you can order online.

To purchase the Mercy Labs No.23 body perfume oil, using your credit/ debit card, please click on the link below or you can pay by cash in person (£5 Leicester collection) after contacting us on the number below.

When you make your purchase on eBay, we will post your roll-on bottle. For further advice you can contact us using the Whatsapp number below.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will refund your purchase.

If you have any queries, please contact us on Whatsapp 07729 526 438