The following were issues raised at the weekend by workers at the graveyard. *Please educate ourselves and our community.
1. The wudhu facilities at Saffron Hill is used to wash down muddy footwear which has resulted in DynoRod being called in to unblock the drains. Please refrainn from washing your shoes in the WUDHU AREA. Why not invest in a pair of shoes specifically for the graveyard leave them in your boot.
2. Many people wear plastic bags or shoe coverings (they look so funny) and then do not dispose of them in the bins which results in these items having to be collected from all over the graveyard. Please use the bins to dispose of your rubbish.

The Ghusal Khana at Central Mosque is being refurbished. The ghusal table , showers , sinks are all being replaced with high spec and high quality items. If anyone wants to contribute towards this noble cause and gain immense sawaab please contact Raihana Girach or Nazma Miya your contribution. جزاك اللهُ خيرًا