Free online advice

This is a free impartial public service administered by Muslims.

If you have a problem which maybe you do not understand or are unsure of then Inshallah this service may help you in identifying the problem or cause or give you advice on which further route you could take.

Topics we maybe able to help you with may include issues regarding, confusion, mental health, religious faith, marriage, relationship, sexuality, anxiety, black magic, depression, Jinn, drugs, alcohol etc.

If you would like to discuss any issues with us, please use the link below to access form by copying and pasting it into your browser. You do not need to give you real identity or name, nor do you need to give your gender. You can communicate with us without giving your email address or phone number etc.

Before using this service, please perform Istikharah. We will also seek Allah’s guidance on whether to help you.

Copy and paste the address below in your browser.