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Mercy Labs

Do you have problems in the bed? Such as sleep problems, can’t sleep, sleep too much, nightmares, depression, anxiety, bladder issues, anger, confusion, bed wetting. At Mercy Labs, we have formulated a perfume roll-on oil made from a mixture of essential oils, black seed oil and olive oil which should vastly improve many problematic mood […]

Proofreading services

Proofreader now available to help university foreign students and businesses in completing their English thesis or scripts. I have experience in various publishing and business tasks including keying-in editor’s corrections, précis, proofreading dissertations and editing. I am skilled in deducing intended meanings from foreign students’ work; clear English articulation; editing onto computer; use of Microsoft […]

Masjid Adhaan Receivers For Sale

Excellent Quality Clear Masjid Names Pre-programmed with all Leicester and many uk masjids Easy to use – just switch on and adjust volume Very good sound output 1 Year Warranty Selling for two years so very reliable Only £40 Optional postage for £5  For more information: 07563213063 – Contact Abubakr These Leicester Masjids are pre-programmed into […]