Autism research volunteers needed

Mercy Labs ( are looking for volunteers who have been diagnosed with Autism or have a child diagnosed with Autism. We have tools which can alleviate some of the difficulties associated with children and adults on the spectrum.
If you would like to help in our research, we would be glad to hear from you. We are Muslims with an interest in mental health. We are not accredited or certified by any authority. All research will be carried out by you in your own home according to our guidance and instruction. No drugs or medical interventions will be used. No contract will be issued so that you are free to participate and leave the program as you wish, as such the research is not binding on you. It is our intention that you and your family will be the first to benefit from our current and future findings.

Please use the comment box below to state the gender and age of the subject along with their abilities, disabilities and strengths. Include any questions you may have, your contact details and please perform Istikharah on whether to work with us on this innovative project.

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